SOLARCITYGAS  offers a comprehensive range of products, services and technology for composite LPG cylinders. We deliver a one-stop-shop and single-point-of-contact for the procurement, rollout and integration of composite LPG cylinders into existing distribution strategy and supply chain logistics.

Cylinder Supply

Solarcitygas  supplies the widest range of high-quality composite LPG cylinders with highly competitive pricing and terms – as well as significant added-value options for Gas Distributors. Aburi can meet virtually every composite cylinder requirement in terms of quantity, sizes, branding, colour and design. Our international trade finance desk can provide unparalleled support for your importation requirements, to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible. Solarcitygas offers comprehensive cylinder procurement solutions that are based on our long term successful relationships.

Manufacturing Solutions

For LPG distributors, industrialists or investors seeking to enter the manufacturing space, Solarcitygas’s Technical Services division can provide comprehensive turn-key solutions to implement a local manufacturing plant in-country. The benefits of this can be significant and range from reducing ongoing cost of cylinder supply, to stimulating the local economy via increased employment, investment and US Dollar export revenues. Solarcitygas can also provide off-take commitments for any excess production into our global client base. In oil producing countries, such a manufacturing solution provides an opportunity to utilise local raw materials and increase the “buck-per-barrel” from oil production – as 90% of the inputs for composite LPG cylinder production are oil derivatives.

About our cylinders

Solarcitygas supplies the most comprehensive range of composite LPG cylinders in the world. With our extensive market coverage, we provide LPG distributors with a single point-of-contact for all composite cylinder requirements – regardless of size, quantity, colour, branding, design, or even the worldwide location for delivery.

Modern (“Type IV”) composite cylinders utilize state-of-the-art technology and equipment to produce precision vessels, with the unique properties of being lightweight with superior strength. Equally important, they are both non-explosive and non-corrosive, making them significantly safer than steel alternatives. A unique design feature is their translucent side panels, which allow visibility to the remaining gas level inside. Finally, with the outer casing made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), they are easier to handle and more resistant to impact damage during transportation – which can significantly reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Every aspect of composite LPG cylinders represents the superior solution for the delivery of domestic LPG. For more information about our composite LPG cylinder procurement programs, please read below and contact us directly.


Quality & Safety

The Composite LPG Cylinders are systematically tested by international institutions and certificated to International standards and regulations including ISO 11119-3, EN 12245, ADR/RID 2015 and Dir2010/35/EU.

  • All quality control procedures in the plant are in accordance to ISO 11119-3, ADR/RID 2015
  • Each produced cylinder is checked by pressure of 1.5 Ph test pressure , as per 11.9 ISO 11119-3
  • Each produced cylinder is checked for leakage at a pressure of 1.5 Ph test pressure , as per 11.9 ISO 11119-3
  • Ambient Cycle Test – One cylinder per each production batch is subjected to pressure cycle test (12000 cycles).
  • One cylinder per each production batch is subjected to pressure a burst test.
  • Average burst pressure of our cylinders is more then 130 bar
  • Certification is carried out by TÜV.

Certification according to other standards upon request.

Passed Tests

  • Fire test: no explosion
  • Hydraulic proof test: 30 bars
  • Cylinder burst test: > 100 bars
  • Pressure cycle test: 12,000 cycles
  • Ageing test
  • Drop test:
  • Torque test
  • Bullet test
  • Neck strength test
  • Permeability test

Composite LPG Cylinders Vs Steel Cylinders

  • Lightweight
  • Non Corrosive
  • 100% Explosion Proof
  • Visual Control of Filling Level
  • Attractive Casing and Shape
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • New Technology

  • Difficult to handle – Heavy in weight
  • Corrosive
  • Explosion risk – Spark susceptible
  • Unfavourable environmental effects
  • Easily damaged
  • Metal thefts
  • Aesthetically unappealing
  • High logistic and maintenance cost
  • 80 years old technology
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