Notwithstanding the success in the oil terminal division, SOLARCITYGAS is taking steps to promote Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), commonly called cooking gas across the nation. With the consent of the Federal Government, Solarcitygas opted to build a major private ultramodern terminal for storage and distribution of LPG. In 2018, SOLARCITYGAS began the construction of a state of the art LPG plant at its sprawling site in Ogun state.

SOLARCITYGAS partners with Existing LPG storage facilities which stands at 11,000 Metric Tons capable to store up to 60% Propane ratings. Receipt and Dispatch facilities are also synchronized and monitored through same Central Control Room (CCR).  The LPG facilities are fed by NOJ, PWA and BOP which belongs to NNPC, while it is also connected to Wajiri NPA Jetty.

Distribution is facilitated through 5 Nos. of fully automated loading gantry with a capacity to load 2,000 Metric Ton per day. The fire fighting facilities are also synchronized with central fire pump house.


SOLARCITY will  rank among the biggest LPG storage facilities in Nigeria and undoubtedly shall contribute to the increasing domestic consumption of LPG, through a plethora of promotional activities. The LPG market is currently booming with a consumption of 600,000 Metric Tons as compared to 400,000 Metric Ton 2 years ago. Solarcity shall enter into various agreements with throughput customers, bottling plants and dealers to distribute LPG to the nook and crannies of Nigeria. SOLARCITYGAS  has come out with various strategies by itself to commission skids at various locations for easy access to consumers.

Since Nigeria produces about 4.0 Million Metric Tons per annual, we at Solarcitygas are in constant touch with Federal Government to emphasize the need for more usage on LPG.

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