LPG Conversion – LPG Car Conversion

LPG conversion is the addition of a second fuel system including an LPG tank, intake manifold modifications, a new ECU and various fittings. These additions enable the LPG conversion to run on both fuels. Here is a summary of an LPG conversion:

  • LPG conversion starts with a petrol powered vehicle, powered by an internal combustion engine
  • An LPG fuel tank is added, fitting in the spare tyre well, as an LPG cylinder in the boot or under the vehicle
  • A vaporiser is added to convert the liquid LPG into vapour, unless the LPG conversion is direct injection
  • The LPG conversion fuel intake manifold or injectors is added for the delivery of LPG to the combustion chambers

This is just a condensed LPG conversion summary. More conversion details are provided below.

Autogas is the name used for LPG – liquefied petroleum gas – when it is used in LPG vehicles with internal combustion engines, as well as in fixed uses such as generators. It is a mixture of propane and butane.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is commonly called autogas when it is used as a fuel in LPG powered cars with internal combustion engines. Most LPG gas cars undergo an LPG conversion process to be driven by LPG autogas. Autogas can be pure propane or a mixture of propane and butane.

There are four different types of LPG conversions: converter-and-mixer, vapour phase injection (VPI), liquid phase injection (LPI) and liquid phase direct injection (LPDI).

LPG Conversion Cost

LPG conversion cost

LPG conversion price (LPG conversion cost) depends on the model and LPG engine conversion. LPG conversion price also varies based on the type of LPG conversion system selected. An LPG  conversion price can range from around N250,000 for Vapour phase injection (VPI) to over N280,000 for LPDI models.

LPG conversion price (LPG conversion cost) is dependent upon which type of equipment you choose, with older Converter-and-mixer systems being the least expensive LPG conversion price whilst Liquid Phase Direct Injection (LPDI) are the most expensive LPG conversion price.

Is LPG Conversion Worth It

In answer to the question “Is LPG conversion (autogas conversion) worth it?” the response would be “YES”. LPG conversion price is worth it because you still save about 40% on your LPG conversion MPG with your LPG conversion cost.

LPG Fuel Consumption

LPG fuel consumption costs shows that LPG fuel economy was 12.3L/100km LPG mileage vs petrol mileage of 9.9L/100km. However, the LPG fuel consumption puzzle is solved by the fact that LPG is approximately 50% less expensive, more than offsetting the mileage.

LPG Cars – LPG Vehicles – LPG Conversion MPG

Autogas is another name for LPG – liquefied petroleum gas – when used as fuel in LPG vehicles with internal combustion engines. It is typically a mixture of propane and/or butane, which can also be sued for fixed applications, like generators.

7 Petrol vs LPG gas car mileage Myths:

1. Petrol vs LPG gas car mileage (LPG mileage): LPG conversion MPG or LPG average mileage (LPG mileage) no longer saves you money – FALSE

2. LPG conversion (autogas conversion) causes a loss of performance – FALSE

3. LPG conversion (autogas conversion) voids LPG cars warranties – FALSE

4. LPG cars are less safe than petrol cars – FALSE

5. There is a loss of boot space with LPG vs petrol cars – FALSE

6. Auto LPG (Autogas) is hard to find – FALSE

7. LPG vs petrol cars are hard to fill  (See Video) – FALSE

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