Loan Financing for Solar

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We offer the ability to pay for your solar purchase over time through a retail installment contract with Tesla Fi日本藤素

Getting started
Solar City Financing

Making payments
Financial Payoff
Payment options
Frequently asked questions

Getting Started
Design your Solarcity gas home system and select ‘Loan’ as your payment method.

After you have placed your order, complete the necessary action items in your solarcity account. Once you review and accept your design, you will be presented with a credit application after which a hard credit check will be pulled.

Solarcity Financing
Submit a Credit Application

Complete your application by submitting your date of birth, address, phone number and employment and title information.

Note: You must be over the age of 18 and have an active employment number to submit a credit application. Review the price details and confirm the amount to finance and your preferred monthly payment.

Once we receive your application online, an executive is detailed to install t the earliest convienence

Kindly ensure you provide us with adequate information about your nearest bustop, alternative telephone numbers and contact persons

Making Payments
The amount and due date of your payments are outlined in your Retail Installment Contract. You can find a copy of your Retail Installment Contract in the ‘Documents’ section of your solarcitygas account

You will receive an email when your account has been activated. There are multiple ways to make your monthly payments. Payment is accepted online or by phone. Your first payment is due 35 days from your Permission to Operate (PTO) date and your monthly payment will be due on that same date going forward each month.

Finance Payoff
There are no prepayment penalties associated with Solarcitygas Financing. If our customer sells their home, the Solar Agreement may be transferred to the new owner; however, the financing associated is not transferable. Our Customer Support team can assist in providing you with any documentation required to include the finance payoff in the sale of the home.

Payment Options
There are multiple ways to make your payments. Payment is accepted online or by phone.

Pay Online
Set up automatic payments, make one-time payments and enroll in paperless billing directly in your Tesla Account.

To manage your autopay settings and/or enroll in paperless billing:

log on to our website
Next to your energy product, select ‘payment
Select the ‘Loan Details’ dropdown arrow.
Select ‘More Details.’
In the Payment section, select ‘Pay

To make a one-time payment:

Sign in to the website
Next to your energy product, select ‘Pay.’
Select the ‘Loan Details’ dropdown arrow.
Select ‘More Details.’
In the Payment section, select ‘Make a Payment.’

Pay by Phone
Call us to make a payment over the phone. You will need your EIN CUSTOMER Account Number, . Payments by credit card are accepted.

Depending on your energy product, there may be incentives for the purchase of your solar system. These varies from solar ll in one lights, power banks, car batteries or more…..


Frequently Asked Questions
When should I start the credit application?
You can apply when confirming your payment details. Credit approvals are valid up to 180 days. If your installation date falls after your credit application expires, you may need to start a new application.

Who can apply?
Our Financing for solar is available for applicants in Nigeria

The name on the credit application must match the name on the property title. Unfortunately, business, trust and commercial finance applications are not accepted at this time.

How do I view my monthly statements?
Under ‘Loan Details,’ select ‘More Details.’ You will see your statements under the ‘Invoices / Statements’ section.

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